New Authors

You’ve put a lot of effort into your manuscript, and now you’d like to independently publish it. You want quality design and printing, so your book will attract readers. You want your book to be accepted in the book trade, and you want it to reach the largest audience possible.

Find out how PublishNext can help you.

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Be your own publisher

Creating  your own publishing imprint can help build your credibility and expand your market. You decide what gets published, how it’s designed, and the price and marketing for the books. There are a lot of decisions to make, but don’t worry! With our Ghost Publishing™ service, you receive guidance from an expert publishing coach and staff.

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Distribution Services

Getting books into all of the many distribution channels is a crucial step for independently published authors. These channels make the book available to bookstores and libraries, helping more people find and read your book.

Seattle Book Company provides distribution to all the major wholesalers and retailers to get your book into the market.

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